Chilkat’s 9.5” E-Locker Cable Conversion Kit


Chilkat’s 9.5” E-locker cable conversion kit is a bolt-on replacement for the e-locker’s OEM Electric actuator found in the fj80 land cruisers. Our cable operated actuator is controlled by a lockout hand shifter that is easily and discreetly mounted. The actuator is milled from 6061 aluminum which is then anodized to provide corrosion resistance. Choose Chilkat for ultimate reliability and confidence in your Toyota E-locker.

Chilkat Designs E-Locker
  • Replaces electric actuator 
  • Easy to install with common hand tools
  • No fluids to replace
  • No Wiring
  • Needs modifications for install on FJ-80 vehicle due to contact with control arm (ask for assistance, email is best)

Chilkat Designs E-Locker

         Full Kit Includes:
Hand Shifter
Cable of specified length with ends and zip ties
6061 aluminum actuator and all associated hardware for install (pictured)
Cable mount bracket’s for the differential is sold separately

Full Kit: 8' Cable, No Differential Cable Bracket 
Part # 0124-ERCL-LC9.5-096 - $399.00

Full Kit: 10' Cable, No Differential Cable Bracket
Part # 0124-ERCL-LC9.5-120 - $399.00

Full Kit: 12' Cable, No Differential Cable Bracket
Part # 0124-ERCL-LC9.5-144 - $399.00

Chilkat Designs E-Locker
Differential Cable Bracket
Part # ER2-DMT9.5 - $29.00

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