Ford Front Shackle Reversal Kits

Sky Manufacturing's Ford 1992 - 1997 F-250/F-350 shackle
reversal kit. This kit eliminates the weak front shackle bushing
and moves the shackle to the rear of the leaf spring which
allows deflection of any impact from harsh road driving.

The new generation front hanger kit allows the use of an
intercooler.  All parts are laser cut, cnc formed, tig welded.
Primary hanger is .250 mild steel, shackles are 3/8" MS and
pan hard drops are 3/8" MS, as well.

    Kit is available in 3" or 5". 
     Kit includes all needed hardware, bushings, and instructions.
    Some F-250 will require minor front frame horn modifications.


Ford Front Shackle Reversal Kit 3"
Part # FORD-FSR-003 - $369.00


Ford Front Shackle Reversal Kit 3" with Intercooler
Part # FORD-FSR-003I - $369.00


Ford Front Shackle Reversal Kit 5"
Part # FORD-FSR-005 - $439.00


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