Chilkat Designs DIY RZ Downtube

Do your own custom exhaust in your 79 - 95 4WD Toyota truck with the RZ conversion. Our precisely bent downtube clears the frame rail and stays tight to your manual transmission, leaving ample room for your front driveline.  This downtube will save you hours of fabrication in this hard to reach area.
      RZ Downtube
2001-2004 RZ exhaust manifold shown. Trim stock downtube as shown, to accept Chilkat's DIY downtube.
Chilkat Designs RZ Downtube
Works best with 2001-2004 (2.7 - 2.4 liter) exhaust manifold.

Chilkat Designs RZ Downtube

Chilkat Designs RZ Downtube

Chilkat Designs RZ Downtube
2004 RZ in Samurai

Part # L1315-RZDT $109
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