Toyota 4 Cyl Transfer Case E Brake Kit

Sky's Offroad Design Toyota 4 Cylinder T-Case E Brake.
Kit reuses your stock E-Brake cable. Constructed of
laser cut and CNC formed 1/4" plate.

Please Note: Does not fit factory trucks outfitted with automatic
79-83 will require swapping to the larger 10mm
output flange bolt pattern.

SORD T-Case E-Brake

Parts included in this kit:
1 Toyota t case e-brake bracket,
1 e-brake rotor,
1 e brake caliper,
1 extension spring,
1 e brake caliper arm,
2 adjustable yokes,
2 3/8ths fine jam nuts,
2 adjustable yokes,
2 3/8ths fine jam nuts,
1 5 ¼ long 3/8ths fine all thread,
2 3/8ths flat washers,
1 t case arm bolt 3/8ths x 2.5,
2 yoke pins,
1 cotter pin,
1 shoulder bolt,
4 10x1.25x45mm bolts,
1 10x1.25x100 bolt,
5 10mm flat washers,
5 10mm lock washers,
1 spacer for long bolt to t case.


Part # TOY-TCEB-4CYL - $319